Laser wrinkle removal with laser genesis at Ruba Bar Laser & Skin Care will work best on minor wrinkles such as crow’s feet, frown lines and small creases in your face. It will even work well on skin that has sun damaged and scars from chickenpox and acne scars. The wrinkle laser treatment will create the production of collagen and may take several sessions to complete the process. This laser treatment isn’t permanent and you may have to have more treatments as you age.

The laser improves the wrinkled skin layer by layer. The laser is able to target the areas precisely. It is very common for clients to combine some laser wrinkle removal with other skin products. Wrinkle laser treatment works by stimulating collagen formation and helps to improve fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead.
It will build collagen, and reduce wrinkles and scars. This laser can be used to treat specific areas of the face including the jaw line, eyelids, and around the mouth. Used over the entire face, it improves the texture of the skin by reducing the size of pores, lightening brown age spots, and “plumping” the skin by stimulating collagen growth.  The laser focuses energy in specific areas, preserving surrounding tissue, to promote healing and stimulation of the formation of collagen. Typically, there is redness and flaking (much like a sunburn) which will disappear shortly.

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